The Wager

The saga of Jospar The Starflyer and Kasceto The Ruler begins.



Join Jospar on his journey -- As His Story Continues.



Roscoe pits Jospar against the dangerous Kasceto.


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HeadacheOkay, so you got that contract, you’ve worked long days and nights maybe taking in a bit more caffeine than you ordinarily would, and you’ve got that thing done. Your book  is a beast, a beast at times you hated but ultimately it’s a lovable beast, and you’re satisfied. Congratulations, you’ve completed your book. That’s quite an accomplishment. Now you eagerly send off the digital files to your contact at the publishing company, hopefully your editor. Then you wait, breathlessly. You completed the manuscript in six months instead of a year because the publisher said he wanted to rush it out. You know your book is good, full of new and important and helpful stuff, not just a rehash of everything everybody already knows, written in an engaging and entertaining way. So now you wait.
    You Wait…And You Wait…

If you are fifty or one hundred or more pounds overweight, you don’t need anybody to tell you what you want to do.  You want to lose that excess weight—permanently.  You want it to be the last time you have to do this.
You also know that before you undertake any serious weight loss program, especially one that involves a great deal of weight loss, you should consult your physician and find out what you can and cannot do concerning diet and exercise, and even have them monitor you along the way.  Once you get that squared away, you can proceed safely as well as effectively.

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Book by Randy Roach, Review by Greg Sushinsky
Into the world of bodybuilding writing and thinking enters the heaviest of heavyweights, gravity comes not from its size or the number of pages, but from the quality of its content, the mastery of its author’s insight. All at once, this major work from an author unknown to many (though he shouldn’t be unknown and won’t be for long) has exploded onto the staid, narrow, cramped playing field known affectionately or not as the muscleworld. There has never been a book like this in bodybuilding.