Keep writing. These are very difficult times for all of us, for the entire human world. While the  coronavirus pandemic ravages the populations of much of the globe, many of us feel helpless. Many feel we have been thrown to the sidelines, forced to pause and watch as medical personnel fight a fierce, courageous battle on behalf of us all on the front lines of human life. Most of us are forced to wait and watch. Parts of life are on “pause,” while we hold on and wait, wait for the next thing to happen, or not to happen.

Many of us are no longer working, while others have been sent home to work. This has dislocated many, ripped them from the familiar routines of work which root us, and while for some this has been beneficial, allowing people to be home and together with their families, it has also created a new set of difficulties, re-balancing the family dynamics and everyone’s needs.

Keep Writing

So if you’re a writer, how do you deal with all this? You’ve got to take care of work and money where you can, and the new situation you find yourself in with the world poised on what seems to be daily chaos, at the back of all this or the end of whatever your day is like, you’re still a writer.

You’ve got to find time to write. And for most of us, before we write we have to read and think. Or at least think, maybe quietly for a few minutes somewhere. That might not be easy to do. But you need to find some time for you to write. To read, think, reflect, then write whatever it is you write.

People still have a need to be informed and entertained in these difficult times, so whatever kind of writing you do, you need to keep at it. Yes, it can be difficult with the stress of the times, and you may not feel much like writing with everything that’s going on, but do it. Keep at it. It’s what you do.

It’s one way— probably the best the way for writers— you may be able to provide something that is of value to others. You can make a contribution to people, however small or large. You might brighten somebody’s day with something you write, or inform them of something they hadn’t known, or even, if you’re very fortunate, inspire them and change their life.

So keep writing.

The Wager

The saga of Jospar The Starflyer and Kasceto The Ruler begins.



Join Jospar on his journey -- As His Story Continues.



Roscoe pits Jospar against the dangerous Kasceto.